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What’s on Our  Plate?

Novel, wholesome sweetening solutions

We take sweetening into the future.

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Sustainable, alternative proteins farm to fork

We scout and develop new sustainable (plant) proteins.

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Bio-based chemicals

We contribute to regenerative solutions in chemistry.

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Sustainable farming

We are innovating agriculture to ensure safe raw material supply for future food, feed, energy and other sectors while protecting the climate and reducing the usage of resources.

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Sustainable manufacturing

We explore new ways to make manufacturing more sustainable.

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Digitalization in commodity value chain

We are building a digital agriculture and food ecosystem.

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Sustainable packaging materials & packaging additives

We are co-developing the packaging solutions of the future.

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New agricultural crops

We are growing the next generation of crops.

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CO2 as a raw material

We are leveraging the power of biogenic CO2 to fight climate change and foster the circular economy.

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Consumer food category disruptors

We are shaping what will be on the plates of tomorrow´s consumers.

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our challenges

Our Innovation  Challenges

Check out our latest challenges and the solutions and partners we are looking for:

    Challenge #1 How to save the sugar beets in Europe?

    Challenge #2 How to reduce plastic usage in our industrial packaging?

    Challenge #3 How to make industrial sugar production greener?

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