Do you have a proposal that might change the future of agri-food or the bio-economy?

Let’s jointly create  impact.

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theBarn is an Open Innovation Platform powered by Südzucker Group. Our team consists of passionate “planthusiasts”, food innovators, bioeconomy specialists and entrepreneurial agronomists who share a vision of creating a more sustainable  agri-food sector.

At this crucial turning point in our planet’s health, we believe we can use the power of plants for good. As an expert in food tech, Südzucker Group can draw on its core competencies and access to the complete supply chain from farm to fork to build partnerships with startups and entrepreneurs and co-develop the next big solution together.

Let's Connect and Work Together

Whether you’re working on technologies or solutions for food, energy, sustainable packaging, or any other area defined in our search fields of interest, we can help you on your way to market readiness: from joint development to lab-scale testing & prototyping to market entry and commercial cooperations.

Co-Creating a Plant-Based Future

We want to work with future partners like you: entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators and disruptors in the agri food tech sector committed to changing the way we eat, move and package.

You benefit from collaborating with the leading integrated company for the development, production and supply of novel and sustainable bio-based solutions. We benefit from your innovative ideas. Sounds good?

Let’s get in touch and harness the power of plants together.

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Novel, wholesome sweetening solutions

We take sweetening into the future.

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Sustainable, alternative proteins farm to fork

We scout and develop new sustainable (plant) proteins.

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Bio-based chemicals

We contribute to regenerative solutions in chemistry.

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Sustainable farming

We are innovating agriculture to ensure safe raw material supply for future food, feed, energy and other sectors while protecting the climate and reducing the usage of resources.

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Sustainable manufacturing

We explore new ways to make manufacturing more sustainable.

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Digitalization in commodity value chain

We are building a digital agriculture and food ecosystem.

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Sustainable packaging materials & packaging additives

We are co-developing the packaging solutions of the future.

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New agricultural crops

We are growing the next generation of crops.

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Consumer food category disruptors

We are shaping what will be on the plates of tomorrow´s consumers.

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Ullmanna set out to develop the fastest and most efficient intra-row weeding machine in the world. Powered by AI, this next generation robotic weeding technology aims to reduce the need for pesticides and will help to scale organic farming.

“It took little more than two video calls and before we knew it, we were on the path to validating our prototype with one of the largest food producers in Europe: Südzucker Group. We didn’t expect that meeting Johann and Florian and the team at MassChallenge would lead us so quickly to field trials with our new prototype. We are already discussing next steps for 2023 and beyond.”

Martin Ullmann, Founder and CEO of Ullmanna

LXP Group

LXP Group

LXP Group GmbH has developed a patented, state-of-the-art process to gently break down lignocellulosic biomass, particularly from residual and waste materials, making available the main components cellulose and hemicellulose (both complex sugars) as well as high-purity, natural lignin. The proprietary technology digests a wide variety of different biomasses, is scalable, and will unlock the potential of 2G biomass for the production of advanced biofuels and biochemicals.

“We are very excited about the cooperation with CropEnergies, the leading producer for renewable ethanol in Europe. The strategic reinforcement by CropEnergies enables us to expand our technology much faster and we look forward to taking the next steps towards industrial scale applications.”

Dr. Volker Bauer, CEO of LXP Group

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